Dance school children Kiev

Dance Teacher children Kiev

As a dance teacher children are one of her specialties. She focuses on identity, attention and authenticity. Children are invited to express their emotions in movement. Attention of space and time is key. “Think of buble gum” what can you do with it, imagine you are bubble gum…. what would that look like, how does it feel? Or: play with feathers…. see them go, how do they move, can you follow them?

Together with Masha Martos she founded Cheloveki children dance school for modern dance.


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Cheloveki (“Man, human”) is a school of modern dance for children from 7 to 16 years old, open throughout the school year.

We look at dance as a practice integrated into the life of the child, which promotes the formation of freedom to act, guided by one’s own bodily sensations.


We do not focus on results. Our attention is directed to the process, it in itself is meaningful. The result is a consequence, but not the cause or the explicit aim of the activity.

We do not verify ourselves and our work with the instruction. There is no instruction, so there is no right and wrong. There are principles – we follow them.

We do not teach children to perform. We teach children to dance. The body is not an instrument that is sharpened to fulfill the tasks set. The body is a friend, demanding an attentive attitude towards oneself.

Any theory or hypothesis is confirmed or refuted by practice.

The learning process is the cooperation of the teacher and the student as equals, each of whom is an artist.


– technical classes that effectively and non-traumatically develop and build the musculoskeletal system of the child: work with support, weight, balance, coordination

– research and experimental laboratories:
feeling in space
work with rhythm, sound, music
group dynamics and interaction with other

– thematic meetings: lectures and workshops on the structure of the human skeleton, video and film reviews of contemporary dance, excursions into the history of art and modern dance


dance teacher-kids-kiev-anna-vinogradova

Unique approach

Anna encourages an stimulates:  emotions are made visible, technique follows feeling, expression is encouraged. Dance for children is all about attention and awareness. Through her teaching she aims at developing both body and mind so the children become more aware of space and their own position.

In contrast to classic ballet and conventional dancing technique follows expression and feeling. It comes naturally and in harmony with expression and awareness. Wonderfull things can happen and the child is invited to grow as a person.


Dance teacher children Kiev

For more than fiftheen years Anna has been active in as a dance teacher in Kiev and other places.

Examples are: Director and choreographer “Dance Theater” DM youth group Donetsk, Lecturer in contemporary dance «Forward dance studio», Donetsk andCurator “What we start?” On biennale “Kievskaya School”

2014 till 2017 she was lecturer and dance teacher children at Hnedynskoy school where the video’s are made. Anna can arrange classes tailor made and also gives private instruction. Locations can be arranged at your wish.